UNWTO Partners UNESCO to Promote Sustainable Tourism


The United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) and the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) have forged a new cooperation agreement.  A Memorandum of Understanding  consolidates the two intergovernmental organizations’ efforts on sustainable tourism, as they  will work together on national, regional and global initiatives to safeguard natural and cultural heritage. This agreement covers the following issues:

– The implementation of the UNESCO World Heritage and Sustainable Tourism Programme

– The development of transnational tourism initiatives to promote and protect the shared heritage of the Silk Roads Heritage Corridors

– The identification, development and networking of sustainable tourism initiatives and activities in biosphere reserves

– The promotion of sustainable tourism through United Nations partnerships and initiatives, such as the United Nations

Steering Committee on Tourism for Development (SCTD) and the Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism (GPST).

UNWTO has already been working closely with UNESCO for many years to ensure a sustainable approach to heritage management and tourism. Tourism plays a significant role in the preservation, conservation and promotion of cultural and natural assets. This agreement further strengthens both organizations’ capacity to integrate sustainable tourism principles with the protection of the world´s heritage. This MoU is the third agreement between UNESCO and UNWTO since 1979.

Source: http://www2.unwto.org/en/press-release/2013-11-28/unwto-and-unesco-join-hands-sustainable-tourism-promotion

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