Google Scholar Citations of Mark Camilleri – University of Malta

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Selected References:

Camilleri, M.A. (2015) “The Business Case for Corporate Social Responsibility”, empirical paper was accepted by the American Marketing Association in collaboration with the University of Wyoming, Oklahoma State University and Villanova University during the Marketing & Public Policy as a Force for Social Change Conference which was held in Washington D.C., USA (5th June 2014). pp8-14,

Camilleri, M.A. (2015) “Content Marketing Metrics for Academic Impact”. In “Digital Tools for Academic Branding and Self-Promotion”. IGI Global (Forthcoming).

Camilleri M.A. (2015) “Responsible tourism that creates shared value among stakeholders”. Tourism Planning and Development. Taylor and Francis. DOI: 10.1080/21568316.2015.1074100

Camilleri, M.A. (2015) “Using Big Data for Customer-Centric Marketing”. In Handbook of Research on Open Data Innovations in Business and Government, IGI Global (Forthcoming).

Camilleri, M.A. (2015) “Nurturing Tourism Enterprises for Economic Growth and Competitiveness”. In Entrepreneurship in Hospitality and Tourism, Goodfellow Publishers (in Press) .

Camilleri, M.A (2015) “Environmental, Social and Governance Disclosures in Europe”. Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal 6 (2) pp.224 – 242

Camilleri, M.A. & Camilleri A. (2015) “Education and Social Cohesion for Economic Growth” International Journal of Leadership in Education pp1-15 (Forthcoming) DOI. 10.1080/13603124.2014.995721

Camilleri, M.A. (2015) “Valuing Stakeholder Engagement and Sustainability Reporting”. Corporate Reputation Review, Vol. 18 (3) pp210-222. DOI:10.1057/crr.2015.9

Camilleri, M.A. (2015) “A Review of Theoretical Underpinnings on the CSR Agenda“. In Stages of Corporate Social Responsibility: From Ideas to Impacts, Springer (Forthcoming).

Camilleri, M.A. (2015) “Re-conceiving CSR Programmes for Education”. In Corporate Social Responsibility: Academic Insights and Impacts, Springer (Forthcoming).

Camilleri, M.A. (2015) “CSR Reporting in Europe”. In Idowu, S. O. (Ed.) “Key CSR Initiatives from Around the World”, Springer: DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-21641-6.

Camilleri, M.A. (2015) “The Synergistic Value Notion” in Idowu, S.O.; Capaldi, N.; Fifka, M.; Zu, L.; Schmidpeter, R. (Eds). Dictionary of Corporate Social Responsibility. Springer

Camilleri M.A. (2014) “Unlocking shared value through strategic social marketing” empirical paper was accepted by the American Marketing Association and the University of Massachusetts Amherst . It took part in a competitive paper session during the Marketing & Public Policy Conference which was held in Boston, USA (5-7th June 2014)

Camilleri M.A. & Camilleri, A. (2014) Digital Learning Resources for European Schools, ResearchGate;

Camilleri M.A. (2013)  “Creating Shared Value through Strategic CSR in Tourism”, Lambert Academic Publishing, Saarbrucken – Germany  ISBN 978-3-659-43106-7.

Camilleri M.A. (2013) “Advancing the Sustainable Tourism Agenda through Strategic CSR perspectives”. Tourism Planning and Development. 11 (1) pp42-56 Taylor and Francis


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